Phillips Protective: Your Trusted Partner for Executive Protection & Transportation

Wherever your business takes you, Phillips Protective ensures you travel with the highest level of safety and security. We offer a comprehensive suite of Executive Protection & Transportation services, meticulously tailored to your unique needs

Secure and Seamless Travel: Airport & Hotel Transfers

Enjoy stress-free travel with our secure transport services, ensuring seamless airport and hotel transfers with the utmost discretion and safety.

Customized Executive Protection Solutions

We tailor our security solutions to your specific needs, providing comprehensive protection for your executives regardless of location or situation.

Multi-Layered Security for Complete Peace of Mind

We employ multiple layers of security, including assigned personnel, GPS tracking, security analysis, and secure transport services, to provide comprehensive protection and peace of mind.

We employ multiple layers of security.

Our local teams possess invaluable cultural knowledge, language skills, and local contacts, ensuring effective communication and cultural sensitivity during your travels.

Experienced & Vetted In-Country Executive Protection Teams

Each operation is staffed by highly trained, vetted, and tested in-country executive protection teams, guaranteeing discreet and reliable support around the globe.

24/7 Emergency Support: We're Always Here for You

Experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing Phillips Protective is available 24/7 to address your security concerns. 802.558.1371

Experience the Pinnacle of Executive Protection & Transportation.

Why Austin Chooses Our Elite Executive Protection & Transportation

Unmatched Security, Elevated Protection

Elevate your peace of mind with our comprehensive Executive Protection & Transportation services. Our highly trained specialists provide discreet and unwavering protection, ensuring your safety at every turn.

Seamless Integration, Unwavering Security

Experience a seamless security experience with our integrated Executive Protection & Transportation services. We tailor our approach to your specific needs, providing comprehensive protection throughout your journey.

Local Expertise, Global Reach

Benefit from our deep local knowledge in Austin, coupled with our extensive network of security professionals. Trust us to ensure your safety and well-being, regardless of your destination.

Effortless Security, Uncompromised Focus

Focus on what matters most, knowing your security is in our capable hands. Our meticulously planned and executed services allow you to prioritize other aspects of your life with complete confidence.

Unparalleled Expertise, Specialized Teams

We're not your average security provider. Our Austin-based specialists bring unparalleled experience and rigorous training to deliver the most sophisticated and professional Executive Protection & Transportation services available.

Dedicated Professionals, Unwavering Commitment

Trust in the dedication and expertise of our highly qualified security specialists. We are committed to exceeding your expectations and delivering unmatched service and excellence in every aspect of your Executive Protection & Transportation needs.

What People Think About Us

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Their cybersecurity measures have given us confidence in the safety of our digital assets like never before. The peace of mind knowing that our online presence is protected is invaluable. Highly recommended for comprehensive security solutions in Austin!
Lisa Walters

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The security assessment we received from this team was incredibly thorough. They identified vulnerabilities we hadn't even considered and implemented a strategy that made us feel truly secure. Professional and forward-thinking service from start to finish. Highly recommend their security services in Austin TX!
Emma Stoun

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Outstanding service! The security personnel are not only highly trained but also respectful and professional. With their round-the-clock monitoring, I have peace of mind knowing my business is in good hands. Best security services in Austin TX, without a doubt.
Daniel Thompson

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From the initial consultation to the final implementation of our security systems, the experience was seamless. Their use of cutting-edge technology and proactive approach has significantly improved our security posture. A 5-star service all around!
Kaira Sairus

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This team truly understands the importance of customer service. Their responsive and attentive support paired with their top-notch security measures makes them the best in Austin. I'm glad I chose them for my security needs.
Emma Stoun

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The flexibility and adaptability of their security services are unparalleled. As my business has grown, they’ve scaled their services to match. A partnership with this team means a secure future. They are the best security services provider in Austin TX, hands down!
Ethan Wilson

Your Security, Our Expertise: Unwavering Protection for Executives on the Move.


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What other Security Services can We Do?

Concierge Medical Service

Dr. Roden provided exceptional medical expertise and assistance as the Medical Officer and Expeditionary Physician for the National Science Foundation's South Pole Station, exhibiting a commendable level of commitment and dedication throughout his service.

Specialized Rescue and Standby.

Phillips personnel are certified and experienced in the following areas: -Emergency Medical Support -Airborne Operations -Hostage Rescue and Exfiltration -Reconnaissance and Surveillance -SEAL and USMC Scout Snipers -Tactical Evasive Driving -Fire Fighter II -Fire Instructor II -Fire Inspector III -Advanced Marine Firefighter

Professional Cyber Security Services

Looking for expert cyber security solutions to safeguard your valuable data? Look no further than our professional services! With years of experience and cutting-edge technology, we're here to provide the protection your business needs.